iJuror Stickies

iJuror - Stickies has been created based on many requests from our users of the original iJuror app.
iJuror - Stickies gives you the flexibility to enter any information about jurors that you see fit.
You can also create rows with different numbers of columns in them and change the background color of each 'sticky' to easily group multiple jurors.
Just some of the benefits include:

  • * Simply tap the stickies to enter juror information
  • * Share with your colleagues
  • * Store all of your trials in one location
  • * Email the jury information to any email address
  • * Easily print the email for access anywhere
  • * Supports multiple seating configurations
  • * Flexible configuration lets you add notes and information as the trial goes along
  • * Tap a color button to change the background color for easy categorization

iJuror - Stickies gives you the freedom to easily store juror information however you would like - without worrying about losing your stickies!
Use your iPad to help pick the jury for your next trial.

You can find iJuror Stickies in the Apple iTunes store by clicking on the image below (opens iTunes).

Start off by either Selecting an Existing Trial or by Creating a New Trial

Once in the details of a Trial you can enter any information that you would like in the 'Stickies'.

You can configure the layout to suit your needs by adding or removing rows. You can also change the number to the left of each row to adjust the number of seats in a row. Then simply start typing in the 'sticky' area to enter your information.

You can also color code the stickies to suit your needs. For example, some people use red to designate those jurors that they are uncomfortable with.

Just tap the appropriate color in the sticky to change the color.

Tapping the trash can icon in the sticky will dismiss the juror. You then must choose the reason for dismissal.

The label on the bottom of the screen will indicate the number of jurors dismissed along with the reasons for dismissal.

Tapping the trash can icon on the bottom of the screen will provide more details about the dismissed jurors.