iJuror - Start Page

From the Start Page you can:

  • Start a new trial
  • Resume a saved trial
  • View stats
  • Change preferences
  • Buy the iCLE app

iJuror - Preferences Page

On this page you can change the desktop image to either light or dark wood.
You can also change the settings so that whenever you start iJuror your last trial will be loaded immediately rather than the Start Page.

iJuror - New Trial Page

When you start a new trial you use this page to configure iJuror.
You enter the name of your trial, the date the trial is starting, and the number of jurors and alternates that you will be choosing.

iJuror - Juror Selection Page

This is the main page in iJuror where you will be entering juror information. You begin by tapping on a seat to enter the information for that particular juror.

The row at the bottom of the screen below the horizontal line is the area where you can drag the jurors that you've selected. Once you fill up all of the selected juror seats, the seats for the alternates will appear.

Clicking the people in the top right corner of the app gives you the ability to update multiple jurors at once rather than one at a time.

If you'd like to dismiss a juror you can drag the icon to any of the garbage cans at the bottom of the screen.

At any point you can email all of the information you've entered just by clicking the envelope at the top left of the screen.

iJuror - Custom Spinners and Custom Questions

The video below will show you how you can set your own custom values for the juror information spinners and also how to add custom questions.

iJuror - Juror Pool

The video below will show you how to use the new Juror Pool feature added to iJuror.

iJuror - Bluetooth Juror Information Sharing

From the juror selection page you can share your juror information via Bluetooth with someone else using iJuror.

From this page you can establish a Bluetooth connection and then exchange data. To receive juror information from another user you must be within a trial that does not yet have any juror information entered since the transferred information is a full copy.

The screenshots below demonstrate how to accomplish this sharing within iJuror.

iJuror - Juror Information Page

This page appears when you tap any of the seats or jurors on the Juror Selection page.

Here you can quickly enter key demographic information by clicking the button at the top of the screen and moving the spinners that appear.

You can also enter the juror's name, occupation, hometown, and extensive notes if you would like.

The buttons at the bottom will allow you to dismiss this juror or just delete the juror entirely if you've made a mistake.

iJuror - Multiple Juror Information Page

On this page you can edit multiple jurors at once.

Use the buttons on the left to enter the information that you would like to edit. A spinner will appear just as it does on the single juror information page.

Once you've chosen all of the information that you would like to edit, tap the jurors on the right that you would like to apply the changes to. Note that this area scrolls if all of your jurors do not fit on the page.

Just click Save Changes to make your updates. Cancel Changes will cancel all of the changes that you were in the process of entering. You can only use this before you click Save Changes

iJuror - Email Information Page

Clicking the envelope on the Juror Selection page will bring up this window.

All of the information that you have entered for this trial will be put into an email message that you can send to anyone.

You can find iJuror in the Apple iTunes store by clicking on the image below (opens iTunes).