Use iTestimony to keep track of witness information pre-trial, during trial, during depositions, or any other time you interact with witnesses.
Just some of the benefits include:

  • Simply tap to add witness information
  • One consolidated view of all witnesses for a case
  • Standard avatars available to represent witnesses
  • If you have photos of the witness, you can use that instead of the standard avatars
  • Store all of your cases in one location
  • Look for patterns over time
  • Email the witness information to any email address
  • Easily print the email for access anywhere
  • Add notes as the case or trial progresses
  • Provides quick access to name and notes right at your finger tips
  • Store information like name, occupation, which side the witness is for, expert status, jury impression, and more!

iTestimony was created by the developer of the popular iJuror app with feedback from attorneys.
We think iTestimony will really help the way you keep track of witness information.

You can find iTestimony in the Apple iTunes store by clicking on the image below (opens iTunes).